Life is beautiful. Don't miss it.

Welcome to Joybook — your supportive online community and learning space.

We want to help you make the most of your precious time on earth.

Our motto is, "Life is beautiful. Don't miss it."

And yes, we believe it's beautiful as it is right now. That we just need to look in order to see it.

(And we believe that we are beautiful too — in all our gorgeous, messy, vulnerable, human imperfection.)

But we also believe in growing and improving. That we can love ourselves and our lives as they are, while still reaching for something more.

And we believe that a healthy, wise, and caring relationship with yourself is the foundation for a good life.

Joybook is here to support you with all that.

With seeing life's beauty and remembering to enjoy it. With recognizing and cherishing your own inherent beauty and worthiness too. With getting clear on what's next and helping you reach for it.

And, to make all that possible, with listening to your own soul and nurturing your relationship with yourself.

Who's in the Joybook community?

We are big-hearted folks who care deeply about the world and the people in it. We give of ourselves, each in our own way. But we understand that we have to make time for ourselves if we want to have a positive impact in the world.

We’re seekers who try to look beyond the surface of things as they are. We’re hungry for insight and meaning, for learning and growth, for new ideas and experiences. We’re each on a journey to more fully discover and express our authentic selves.

We’re people of many different life stages and circumstances. Working, retired, parenting, childless, partnered, single. We represent a range of career paths, income levels, races, backgrounds, affectional orientations. And yes, we’re mostly women. But we welcome anyone who embraces the following values, no matter what their gender identity.

Our Values

Honoring Inner Wisdom

We value reflection and self-awareness. We recognize and listen to the wise self we each have within us — ditching external "shoulds" and defining success for ourselves instead.

Mutual Support

We actively work to create a caring and supportive environment that fosters the growth and well-being of each member. We offer abundant encouragement and speak with kindness and empathy when sharing ideas and suggestions.


We know we can't do good things in the world if we don't take care of ourselves. So we are each on a quest to strike our own right balance between work and rest, giving and receiving, service to others and self-renewal.

Are we speaking your love language?

If you like what you're hearing and you're not yet a Joybook member, come join us!


We accept ourselves and one another as we are, respecting our differences and affirming our inherent worthiness. We honor the fact that we’re each on our own journey, and we don’t compare, judge, or compete with one another.

Vicarious Learning

We embrace the power of learning from and with one another. We recognize that when we share about our life experiences, struggles, and insights, we crystalize our own learning — while helping others learn and grow too.

Embracing Imperfection

We affirm that perfection is unachievable and perfectionism is self-defeating. We embrace the fact that we all possess both strengths and weaknesses. That we're all works in progress — and always will be.


Everyone deserves to live a beautiful life. Joybook is priced to be within reach for most people. But if cost is a barrier, please get in touch. Thanks to a donation from a generous member, we do have some funds available for partial scholarships.

Making the most of your Joybook experience...

Build it into your routine. Try a "habit stacking" approach; use an existing habit (e.g., your morning coffee) as the trigger to remind you to spend a little time here.

Be open to some writing. We use journaling here as a tool for transformation and for listening to our own souls. You don't have to love journaling to be here. But do be prepared to do a little written reflection, even if that's just jotting down a list of ideas in response to a thought-provoking question.

Adapt it to your style. There's no one right way to use what you find here. Be systematic or spontaneous. Come for our live sessions or take a self-paced approach. Dig in with the kind of content that speaks to you. But whatever your approach, take a little time up front to reflect on this so you can be intentional about how you engage here.

Connect with others. We learn and grow as much through the insights and examples of other people as through our own experiences. (And we learn more from our own experiences when we try to articulate those learnings for others.) So you will get more out of your time here if you invest in connections with this community — whether that's conversations in the forums, or sharing during live sessions, or both.

Use it for accountability. For many of us, it helps to have some external accountability when trying to follow through on intentions we've set for ourselves. Let us know what commitments you're making to yourself, and we'll check in with you about your progress. (And we can suggest other strategies for following through too!)

Ask for what you need. It makes us giddy with happiness when Joybook makes your life better! So help us help you by letting us know what you need, including what here is working well for you and what could use an adjustment. Plus, when you share your questions and suggestions, it benefits others in the community too.

What we expect of you as a member...

Be a nice person. Communicate with others in ways that are kind, respectful, and supportive. Make Joybook a safe space for authentic sharing and healthy risk taking.

Protect the privacy of this community. Don't allow our conversations to be overheard — whether you're joining us live or watching a recorded session. If you want to talk about things you've heard other Joybookers share, protect their anonymity. And if someone asks for confidentiality, don't repeat what they said anywhere outside of Joybook.

Show up as you. We're building an authentic community here, so create trust by using your name and showing us your face — whether on Zoom calls or in the forums.

Don't be spammy. Blatant self-promotion and solicitation are not acceptable. It's terrific to tell us who you are and what you're up to — and to celebrate genuine accomplishments. But you should avoid anything that could feel like a sales pitch to other Joybookers.

Don't use Joybook as a substitute for therapy or health care. The resources here are for personal development and to support you in navigating life's normal challenges and opportunities. They are not meant to address mental health issues, nor should they be interpreted as health care advice.

No stealing. A lot of time and care has gone into the resources here. We expect you to honor that by not sharing Joybook content with non-members, unless you have obtained written consent from the site owner to do so.

By accessing any Joybook content, program, or conversation, you are agreeing to uphold these expectations — as well as the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy. We're fiercely protective of this community and will take appropriate action if you violate these expectations. That may include removing content or comments you've shared, canceling your membership (if there is a pattern of violating these guidelines or if the violation is severe), or legal action.

Thanks for reading through this whole page! If you have any questions, please reach out, and we’ll be happy to answer them.

And thanks for choosing Joybook as a companion on your journey. What we’re doing here together is so meaningful! We’re honored to have you with us.

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