JANUARY 30-31, 2021 — ONLINE

Soulful Time Management Retreat

"Life is beautiful. Don't miss it."

Grab your journal and come listen to the wisdom of your inner self as you create a plan for living your Beautiful Life in 2021...

Here's what you'll walk away with:

  • Deep clarity on what it means to live your Beautiful Life
  • Explicit goals and intentions that are anchored in what truly matters to you
  • Perspective on how you currently spend your time, energy, and attention — and what needs to change to bring your Beautiful Life into being
  • Self-compassionate (and science-based) strategies for releasing obstacles to your Beautiful Life — and for keeping yourself motivated to work towards your vision
  • A soulful plan for self-care that sidesteps guilt and "shoulds"
  • Insight into how to use your productivity tools to keep yourself organized, clear, and on-track with your goals and intentions
  • An understanding of your unique style and how to choose methods that fit you
  • Inspiring rituals, readings, and resources you can draw on going forward

January 30-31, 2021 — Online Via Zoom

Saturday 10-6 + Sunday 10-5 (EST)

Early Birds — $375 General Public  / $200 Joybook Members

After January 24 — $425 General Public / $250 Joybook Members

Soulful perspective and change . . .

The quality and substance of our lives is determined by the choices we make every day about how we invest our most fundamental personal resources — our time, energy, and attention.

This retreat will help you create a vision for your life in the coming year so you can set clear intentions about how you wish to invest these precious resources.

And then you will be guided through a sequence of experiences to help you line up the strategies, tools, and practices that will help you stay aligned with your intentions — including careful attention to creating space for self-care as a foundation for your effectiveness in other aspects of your life.

The retreat can be done from the comfort of your own home via Zoom. (Or sneak off someplace special if you like! Just make sure there's reliable internet access.)

The weekend includes time in community as well as time alone to plan, reflect, and renew.

Come tap into your inner wisdom — and access supportive coaching and community — to help make 2021 the year it could be.

Here's what others have said:

A Life Changing Experience

I have tried for SO many years to reach the place your program has created for me. It was truly a life changing experience. The value is simply priceless in terms of creating a beautiful life and getting unstuck. 

— Carol Maloney-Scott

The Perfect Blend

The co-mingling of the soulful and tactical was key for me. I walked out with a map for myself and a planning approach that sounds like it will be really fun and helpful. This was a great use of my time and money.

— Shannon C.

A Real Godsend

My time with you was a Godsend... I arrived overwhelmed by the demands on my time. I left with a sense of purpose and real "tools" to allow me to define and live my Beautiful Life! Thank you, Elaine!!

— Andrea Larkin

Deep & Meaningful Impact

Elaine, you have impacted my life in a deep and meaningful way and I want to say thank you!! I had a lot to sort out after my divorce, and your retreat provided the space and tools for planning my next steps. I just became a homeowner again, and I know it was last year's retreat that made it possible!

— Toni M.

What's Different About This Approach to Planning?

  • Brings a soulful perspective to the act of reflecting on your life and planning your future
  • Uses guided journaling to help you tap into the inner wisdom we all possess
  • Helps ensure your goals/intentions are authentically yours, not expectations you've internalized from others
  • Values the quality of your experience first, rather than productivity for productivity's sake
  • Offers support and encouragement through a virtual gathering of like-minded seekers

January 30-31, 2021 — Online Via Zoom

Saturday 10-6 + Sunday 10-5 (EST)

Early Birds — $375 General Public  / $200 Joybook Members

After January 24 — $425 General Public / $250 Joybook Members


(Eastern Standard Time / New York)


10:00 — Welcome & Opening

10:45 — Looking Back

11:30 — Your Fundamental Personal Resources

12:00 — Defining Your Beautiful Life

12:30 — Break

1:30 — Living Your Beautiful Life — Goals & Intentions

3:00 — Getting Focused — Setting Interim Goals

3:30 — Identifying & Removing Obstacles

4:45 — Strategies for Following Through

5:30 — Day 1 Wrap-Up

6:00 — Adjourn


10:00 — Opening & Reflection

10:45 — Living Your Vision — Self-Care

11:30 — Energy Management Principles

12:00 — Break

1:00 — Living Your Vision — Routines

2:00 — Living Your Vision — Tools & Processes

4:00 — Next Steps & Troubleshooting

4:45 — Closing Reflections

5:00 — Adjourn

About Your Facilitator

Elaine Kiziah, Ph.D., teaches journaling and other soulful approaches to managing time and life. She's an award-winning trainer, a life coach, and a big-hearted advocate for the meaningful work of listening to your own soul.

Elaine is the creator and host of Joybook — a life learning community offering online courses, journaling prompts, and support related to time management, personal growth, and well-being.

Licensed in Virginia as an Applied Psychologist, she earned her doctorate in counseling psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University and has also completed extensive training with the Therapeutic Writing Institute.

Prior to relaunching her business in 2018, Elaine spent over 20 years working as a leadership and organizational development consultant, with a focus on supporting nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations.

Elaine’s motto — and the philosophy behind Joybook — is, “Life is beautiful. Don’t miss it.”

January 30-31, 2021 — Online Via Zoom

Saturday 10-6 + Sunday 10-5 (EST)

Early Birds — $375 General Public  / $200 Joybook Members

After January 24 — $425 General Public / $250 Joybook Members

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