"Learning From Your Life"

One-Week Journaling Challenge

Do a soulful review of your past year and set yourself up for a better life in 2022.

Use these daily journaling prompts to uncover insights and wisdom from the past year — so you can discover the unique-to-you ingredients for making beautiful things happen in your life in 2022.

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Here's your schedule:

DAY 1 — Challenge Intro & Orientation

DAY 2 — Big-Picture Scan of 2021

DAY 3 — Accomplishments & Other Wins

DAY 4 — Peak Experiences & "Bright Spots"

DAY 5 — Investment of Personal Resources

DAY 6 — Overall Learnings & Next Steps

DAY 7 — Closing Celebration & Resources

What you'll get . . .

  • Seven daily emails with journaling prompts for each topic we'll be covering 
  • Daily instructional videos to help make the journaling easy, fun, and high-impact
  • A chance to win a free one-year Joybook membership — and access to additional journaling, learning, and coaching resources to support you on your journey

Here's what others have said:

Seeing the Good

This journaling helped me feel so good about this year. (I had generally been naming this as a hard year.) But now I can appreciate some wonderful accomplishments that I hadn't really acknowledged fully. 

— P.S.

Answer to a Prayer

This practice has truly been timely and an answer to a prayer I did not know I had made.

— G.S.

Back In My Groove!

After doing this challenge, I returned to my practice of spending the first hour of each day on those things that feed my soul: reading, writing, praying, meditating, moving, and savoring a hot cup of coffee. Thank you, Elaine, for helping me to get back in my groove!

— K.D.

Cultivating Self-Compassion

Until doing this write I didn't realize what a profound year of transition this has been for me. Equally challenging and joyful. I am surprised to discover a sense of compassion toward myself for what I've overcome and experienced.

— J.B.

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Have a Question?

How much time is required?

The daily videos are all under 10 minutes. And the writes can be done in about 15 minutes or less — although you can spend longer if you'd like. 

I don't journal. Is this still for me?

Yes! Even just reflecting on the questions can be powerful.

But I do suggest writing your answers down. It doesn't need to be eloquent — in fact most of the writes are done in the form of a quick list.

Don't think of it as journaling (if that's holding you back). It's really just "thinking on paper".

Can I invite a friend?

Absolutely! The more the merrier.

Use the social share buttons below. Or email them a link to this page.

Other questions?

Feel free to reach out if you have other questions about this challenge. I'd be happy to answer them!

Just use this handy contact form to get in touch.

About Your Host

Elaine Kiziah teaches journaling and other soulful approaches to managing time and life. She's an award-winning trainer, a life coach, and a big-hearted advocate for the meaningful work of listening to your own soul.

Elaine is the creator and host of Joybook — a life learning community offering online courses, journaling prompts, and support related to time management, personal growth, and well-being.

Licensed in Virginia as an Applied Psychologist, she earned her doctorate in counseling psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University and has also completed extensive training with the Therapeutic Writing Institute.

Prior to relaunching her business in 2018, Elaine spent over 20 years working as a leadership and organizational development consultant, with a focus on supporting nonprofits and other mission-driven organizations.

Elaine’s motto — and the philosophy behind Joybook — is, “Life is beautiful. Don’t miss it.”

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