Life is beautiful.

Don't miss it.

Grab your journal, and come discover a soulful approach to managing your time and creating your Beautiful Life...

Welcome to Joybook —

your supportive online community and learning space.

We want to help you make the most of your precious time on earth.

Our motto is, "Life is beautiful. Don't miss it."

And yes, we believe it's beautiful as it is right now. That we just need to look in order to see it.

(And we believe that we are beautiful too — in all our gorgeous, messy, vulnerable, human imperfection.)

But we also believe in growing and improving. That we can love ourselves and our lives as they are, while still reaching for something more.

And we believe that a healthy, wise, and caring relationship with yourself is the foundation for a good life.

Joybook is here to support you with all that.

With seeing life's beauty and remembering to enjoy it. With recognizing and cherishing your own inherent beauty and worthiness too. With getting clear on what's next and helping you reach for it.

And — to make all that possible — with listening to your own soul and nurturing your relationship with yourself.

Hello, love!

I'm so glad you found us.

I created Joybook for people just like you. Do any of these sound familiar...?

Life is moving so fast you feel like you often miss what makes it beautiful.

You're feeling like you've lost touch with yourself and your inner life.

You go through life saying "yes" too often for your own good — whether to people, projects, or possessions.

You're craving more of a sense of meaning and purpose to how you spend your time.

You want to keep growing and deepening as a person — in ways that feel authentic and that embrace the whole you.

You yearn for a life that has room for you in it — and for what matters most to you.

Elaine Kiziah, Ph.D.

Life coach. Journaling facilitator. Award-winning trainer.

And your guide here on Joybook.

If you recognize yourself in any or all of these statements, Joybook is probably exactly what you've been looking for.

I'd love to have you join us!

  —Elaine :)

Speaking both as a participant and someone with years of experience in training and facilitation, Elaine is phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal. She is generous, wise and put simply, knows her stuff.

Debbie S.

What's included?

Take a look at the good stuff you'll find inside...

The dashboard (see above) is your starting place for accessing everything that's available to you.

You'll find three different types of content —  (1) self-paced learning and reflection, (2) live events  held via Zoom, and resources and discussion in the  (3) community forums.

Learn more about each of these below...

(1) Self-Paced Learning & Reflection

We've got a variety of pre-recorded programs and guided journaling experiences that you can work through at your own pace.  Click the tabs below to see the different options. 

  • Retreat

  • Learning Library

  • Journaling Library

  • Coaching Archive

Soulful Time Management Retreat

Based on the in-person retreat that participants have called "life changing", this online version walks you step-by-step through a process for getting clarity on your life, setting goals and intentions you care about, releasing obstacles, and creating systems and practices that sidestep typical reasons for abandoning your vision and goals.

(2) Live Events via Zoom

These real-time offerings are a chance to make meaningful in-person connections while also learning, reflecting, and growing. Can't make an event? No problem! Most sessions are recorded and added to the content libraries so you can watch them later...

  • Group Coaching

  • Journaling

  • workshops

  • Cohort Learning

Grow & Connect Through Group Coaching

Each month we gather for a 90-minute group coaching session that is tailored to address participants' current needs. Reflect on your wins and challenges, learn about relevant concepts and techniques, and uncover wise strategies for how to move forward. You'll be inspired by this opportunity for insightful, authentic, and affirming conversation with other Joybookers.

(3) Community Forums

The Joybook community forums are your go-to place for asking questions, finding resources, discussing insights, tracking progress, getting support, and more.

Sharing & Connection with Kindred Spirits

Insights, ideas, and information. Accountability and encouragement. News and resources. Questions and answers. The conversation in the community forums is here for you...

Community. Get to know other Joybookers. Share your goals and progress. Get coaching and support. Chat about what's on your mind.

Written Reflections. Come share and read insights and observations in response to Joybook journaling prompts, courses, group coaching, and other soulful experiences.

Resources. Discover and discuss helpful apps, tools, talks, podcasts, meditations, books, articles, and more. You'll also find our weekly "soulful to-do" posted here — a quick mindfulness exercise, mindset shift, or positive psychology intervention to enrich your daily life.

About Joybook. Get updates about new features and events. Share your feedback. And get support with using the site.

No overwhelm.

Easy to follow steps for finding your way around.

There's a lot here, right? But we make it stress-free with simple checklists you can follow to get oriented and find your way...

Joybook came to me at the perfect time, and I am so thankful for this space to be with others while I reflect and grow. Elaine, you are creating ripples!

Erika S.

Come on in!  Life is beautiful  inside Joybook...

You're going to love this community of kindred spirits. And you're going to love the version of YOU that you connect with here too!

I came to Joybook hoping to rediscover a sense of purpose in life, but I got something more.  Joybook has reconnected me with my voice, my Wise Self, that inner place that guides me no matter where life might be taking me. Journaling with Elaine has been transformative.

Marsha S.

Who's in our community?

We're big-hearted folks who care deeply about the world and the people in it.

We're seekers, hungry for insight and meaning, learning and growth.

We're people of many different life stages and circumstances.

And we're eager to welcome you!

Wow!!! I am so grateful to have found Elaine and Joybook! With no exaggeration, it has kept me sane during the Covid pandemic. The check-ins and journaling. Members who share Elaine’s values of welcome, inclusiveness, introspection, and mutual support. Thank goodness, my Higher Power gave me this gift of Joybook to walk through these isolating times.

Brooke W.

Frequently Asked Questions

I don't journal. Will I like this?

We use journaling a lot on Joybook. For example, it's integrated into most of the courses and coaching. But it might actually be different from what you think of as journaling. If you can make a list of thoughts as they come into your mind (which I know you can!), you can do this. And you'll probably find you really enjoy it! 

This is super low-pressure writing, with prompts and instructions to make it easy. You don't need to be a "good writer" or say anything poetic or profound in order to get a lot out of it.

Do I need to be tech savvy to use it?

Nope! There might be a little bit of learning for you initially, but the website is pretty straightforward and easy to understand. And the Zoom app, which we use for our live events, has become as popular as it has because it's so easy to use.

Just to make sure you have no trouble, though, I've created some short tutorials to demonstrate the different things you might want to do on the site and in our live Zoom calls. And if you ever run into trouble, I'm here to help!

I'm not in the United States. Can I still join?

Absolutely! There might be a few informal live calls that are scheduled at times that aren't optimal for you. But I try to schedule the big, formal things at times that will be accessible for most Joybook members.

And even if those times don't work out for you, the coaching calls, workshops, and facilitated journaling experiences are all recorded and posted on the site so you can access them whenever works best for you.

I'm afraid I'll be too busy to use it.

You know what? I'd actually be surprised if you used everything that's available to you on Joybook! Because there's a lot inside the site, and it's growing all the time. You're not expected to use it all. There's a range of options because our members have a range of interests, needs, and preferences.

So just find what speaks to you, and don't worry about the rest. If you're getting value from your Joybook membership — even if it's just from one feature — then you're using it right!

But if what you're really worried about is making time for yourself or following through on your commitments to yourself, well then, you're in the right place. I've intentionally built in strategies and supports to help you with that.

If you try it out, though, and do in fact find you're not using it enough to make it worth your while, then you can easily cancel. If it's within the first 30 days, you may also request a refund.

How much contact will I have with Elaine?

Lots! I'm on live Zoom calls most weeks, leading journaling, workshops, group coaching calls, or other conversations. When you see me face-to-face, it will almost always be in group settings. But I'm also frequently in the community forums, and you can use that resource to get one-on-one support from me.

Simply post a question or issue in the forums, and I'll reply with personalized feedback for you. We have a "life log" section in there that's perfect for tracking your progress, reflecting on your life learnings, and getting coaching support as you work to bring to life your goals and intentions.

Will I have access to everything right away?

Some sites "drip" their content, releasing a little at a time. Or they require an "upgrade" to access certain features. That's not the way we work around here.

On Joybook, none of the existing resources will held back from you. Immediately upon joining, you'll have access to the entire library of courses, journaling prompts, and coaching recordings — plus all the resource pages in the forums.

Many of our events are live, though, so of course you will have to wait for those! But once they are held, the recordings will be added to the site where you'll be able to access them at any time.

What happens if I decide to cancel?

It's easy to do from your account page in just a couple clicks. You can cancel at any time and will continue to have access through the end of your payment period.

After that time, you will lose access to all the resources on the site and in the community. (Most of the prompts and courses are not downloadable; they live on the site and require an active membership to access them.)

If you decide to rejoin at a later date, we'd be delighted to have you back! Be aware, however, that the price may go up — whereas your membership rate is locked in and will not change while you are an active member.

What's your refund policy?

I offer a 30-day money back guarantee — no questions asked. After you join, if for any reason you decide that Joybook is not for you, just let me know within the first 30 days, and I'll send you a prompt refund. But truthfully, my dear, I think you're going to love it here! 

Can I share my membership with a friend?

Sorry, no. You need your own individual account and identity in order to have a good experience here (e.g., tracking your progress, saving favorites, getting coached).

But, just as importantly, we're committed to creating authentic community on Joybook, and that's not possible if everyone's not showing up as themselves. (See our expectations for Joybook members.)

Plus we expect everyone to pay their share for these resources and the time that goes into creating them. Fair's fair, right? I've priced it to be well within reach for most people. But that said, if cost is a barrier for you, please get in touch. Thanks to a generous member, we do have some limited funds available for partial scholarships.

I have a question that's not answered here.

No problem! I'd be happy to answer any other questions you might have. Just click here to get in touch, or email me at

Elaine, you and Joybook have turned my life around, and now I'm off and running. "When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Sandy P.

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